Monday, September 4, 2017

What I can accomplish while the Thermomix TM5 is cooking...

While my Thermomix TM5 is taking care of things (i.e. cooking), I am:

·      Taking a shower
·      Eating breakfast
·      Blowdrying my hair
·      Getting dressed
·      Watering the plants
·      Vacuuming
·      Putting on my makeup
·      Playing monopoly
·      Doing my nails
·      Eating bon bons
·      Making margaritas
·      Drinking margaritas
·      Watching my favorite movie
·      Planting my garden
·      Watching slime youtube videos
·      Helping my daughters with their homework
·      Cleaning the bathroom
·      Taking a bath
·      Reading a book
·      Paying bills
·      Talking to a friend on the phone
·      Dancing in the living room
·      Talking to a neighbour
·      Deciding what to wear
·      Eating lunch
·      Having a snack
·      Eating dinner
·      Setting the table
·      Sweeping the floor
·      Arranging flowers
·      Straightening my hair
·      Organizing my linen closet
·      Dusting
·      Making a terrarium
·      Organizing my online photos
·      Emailing people
·      Texting people
·      Liking friends’ photos on Instagram
·      Trolling Facebook
·      Linking to former colleagues on LinkedIn
·      Working on my resume
·      Putting my feet up
·      Polishing my shoes
·      Polishing my boots
·      Polishing other peoples’ boots
·      Going through my clothes to see what to donate
·      Planning next week’s menu
·      Cleaning my glasses
·      Making slime with my daughter
·      Playing with my daughter’s slime
·      Washing dishes
·      Emptying the dishwasher
·      Making coffee
·      Drinking coffee
·      Meditating
·      Doing yoga
·      Lifting weights
·      Figuring out how to dust the Venetian chandelier without breaking it
·      Polishing the silver
·      Doing laundry
·      Trimming my toenails
·      Tweezing my eyebrows
·      Ironing my shirts
·      Doing needlepoint (oh, yeah right)
·      Doing squats
·      Doing burpees
·      Doing jumping jacks
·      Trying to hold my plank for 1 minute
·      Shopping online
·      Trimming the hedges
·      Trolling Pintrest for fun ideas
·      Powerwashing the patio
·      Emptying the dishwasher
·      Feed the fish (oh wait, they died J)
·      Watching the bread dough rise
·      Noticing the cardinal build a nest outside my window
·      Cleaning the barbeque grill
·      Reading the newspaper
·      Brewing a pitcher of homemade iced tea
·      Drinking a tall glass of homemade iced tea
·      Playing rummy king with my sister
·      Chatting on the phone
·      Helping my daughter organize her room

·      Writing a book

I welcome other ideas on what YOU can accomplish while YOUR Thermomix is working for you.  For more info, check out

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