Monday, September 4, 2017

What I can accomplish while the Thermomix TM5 is cooking...

While my Thermomix TM5 is taking care of things (i.e. cooking), I am:

·      Taking a shower
·      Eating breakfast
·      Blowdrying my hair
·      Getting dressed
·      Watering the plants
·      Vacuuming
·      Putting on my makeup
·      Playing monopoly
·      Doing my nails
·      Eating bon bons
·      Making margaritas
·      Drinking margaritas
·      Watching my favorite movie
·      Planting my garden
·      Watching slime youtube videos
·      Helping my daughters with their homework
·      Cleaning the bathroom
·      Taking a bath
·      Reading a book
·      Paying bills
·      Talking to a friend on the phone
·      Dancing in the living room
·      Talking to a neighbour
·      Deciding what to wear
·      Eating lunch
·      Having a snack
·      Eating dinner
·      Setting the table
·      Sweeping the floor
·      Arranging flowers
·      Straightening my hair
·      Organizing my linen closet
·      Dusting
·      Making a terrarium
·      Organizing my online photos
·      Emailing people
·      Texting people
·      Liking friends’ photos on Instagram
·      Trolling Facebook
·      Linking to former colleagues on LinkedIn
·      Working on my resume
·      Putting my feet up
·      Polishing my shoes
·      Polishing my boots
·      Polishing other peoples’ boots
·      Going through my clothes to see what to donate
·      Planning next week’s menu
·      Cleaning my glasses
·      Making slime with my daughter
·      Playing with my daughter’s slime
·      Washing dishes
·      Emptying the dishwasher
·      Making coffee
·      Drinking coffee
·      Meditating
·      Doing yoga
·      Lifting weights
·      Figuring out how to dust the Venetian chandelier without breaking it
·      Polishing the silver
·      Doing laundry
·      Trimming my toenails
·      Tweezing my eyebrows
·      Ironing my shirts
·      Doing needlepoint (oh, yeah right)
·      Doing squats
·      Doing burpees
·      Doing jumping jacks
·      Trying to hold my plank for 1 minute
·      Shopping online
·      Trimming the hedges
·      Trolling Pintrest for fun ideas
·      Powerwashing the patio
·      Emptying the dishwasher
·      Feed the fish (oh wait, they died J)
·      Watching the bread dough rise
·      Noticing the cardinal build a nest outside my window
·      Cleaning the barbeque grill
·      Reading the newspaper
·      Brewing a pitcher of homemade iced tea
·      Drinking a tall glass of homemade iced tea
·      Playing rummy king with my sister
·      Chatting on the phone
·      Helping my daughter organize her room

·      Writing a book

I welcome other ideas on what YOU can accomplish while YOUR Thermomix is working for you.  For more info, check out

Introducing the new Hello Thermo blog

Introducing the Thermomix world famous kitchen helper to the USA. 

We’re so happy to introduce the Thermomix TM5 to America!  Thermomix is the most advanced kitchen appliance on the market, which combines the functions of 10 different kitchen appliances in one unit.

I'll be posting photographs and videos of what I'm cooking in my Thermomix in my Greenwich CT kitchen.  

I'll also post recipes and ideas and tips.

My website is, where you can find out more information about the Thermomix TM5 in the meantime.